We help companies do good by leveraging their business, platform and community to impact our natural environment in positive ways. Perhaps now more than ever, businesses have the responsibility to plant a flag in the ground, and take pride in adopting business practices and strategies that may position them as a potent force in the groundswell fighting to save our home planet.

Companies We Have Helped Do Good

Sitka Gear
Mountain Hardwear

Case Studies

Client: Washington Post + Rolex

Services: Scientific Advisor

Link: The Animals Next Door

Client: Dometic

Services: Brand Strategy and Campaign Development

Link: Destination Declaration

Client: Sitka Gear

Services: Brand Strategy and Positioning

Link: Sitka Ecosystem Grants

Client: Mountain Hardwear

Services: Brand Strategy and Co-Development of Impact Initiative

Link: Mountain Hardwear Puts Their Money Where Their Heart Is

Video: Mountain Hardwear's Impact Initiative


“Every so often someone comes along that truly understands the intimate ecology of the natural world as well as the animals that live in them. Charles combines that knowledge with the know how of creating unique and creative ways of telling their story. It’s this ability to craft awesome storytelling initiatives that make him a rarity in the world of instant gratification and cell phone screens.”

Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard


“Charles has cultivated a unique skill set—spanning both art and science—that empowers him to craft narratives, experiences and products that connect with people on a deep, instinctual level. His passion for nature flows through his work, and his perspective provides a deeply needed source of wisdom and truth to a generation seeking to find a sustainable balance on planet earth.”

Alyssa Ravasio

Alyssa Ravasio

Founder & CEO @ HipCamp

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